Ceramic fiber modules' character

- Jan 17, 2019-

The anchoring parts on the back of the ceramic fiber module enable the installation of the module to adopt the way of parallel and parquet flooring arrangement. 

The ceramic fiber modules will squeeze each other in different directions without crevice after unbundling.

The elasticity of the fiber blanket can make up for the deformation of the furnace shell and resist the external mechanical forces. 

Because of its light weight and high density, it has very little heat absorption when used in heat preservation and insulation of equipment.

Low thermal conductivity brings higher energy saving effect.

Capable of resisting any thermal shock.

The lining does not need drying and curing, so it can be put into use immediately after installation.

The anchorage piece is arranged on the wall lining cold surface, which can reduce the requirement of the anchorage piece material.