Ceramic fiber module blanket

- Feb 23, 2018-

Ceramic fiber module blanket
The ceramic fiber module blanket is a kind of blanket made of ceramic fiber, which has high elasticity and high tensile strength.

Product features
Ceramic fiber needling blanket is large in elasticity and high in tensile strength
Ceramic fiber needling blanket has good corrosion resistance
Low bulk density and low heat storage of ceramic fiber needling blanket
The sound absorption and heat insulation performance of the ceramic fiber needling blanket is good

application area
◆  High temperature kiln lining, door seal, module / fold block processing material
◆  Fire insulation of high temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment. High temperature kiln  

     masonry expansion joint and top cover insulation
◆ Thermal insulation and other high temperature equipment fire-resistant insulation. The required refractory

     layer for the inorganic fire curtain door