Ceramic fiber lining

- Apr 04, 2018-

Ceramic fiber lining
With the serialization and functionalization of ceramic fiber materials, the application of ceramic fiber lining is more and more extensive.
● in addition to forced flue gas flowing into the flue, air duct and furnace bottom, fiber lining can be used in all other areas of the reheating furnace.
● the use temperature of any layer of fiber lining must be higher than that of the hot surface. The temperature above 260 degrees.
● when the S content of the fuel is more than 10ppm and the lining adopts the fiber structure, the hot surface of the furnace wall steel plate should be coated with a layer of anticorrosion coating. The coating is suitable for the environment at 177 C. When the S content exceeds 500ppm in the fuel, the gas resistance aluminum foil or stainless steel foil should be set up, and the gas resistance should be at least 56 degrees centigrade above the calculation dew point under the operating condition. At the location, the edge of the gas barrier should be overlapped, the edge of the furnace lining and the puncture site should be sealed to prevent corrosive gas from passing through the lining and dew, corroding steel plates and anchors.
● when the heavy metal content in the fuel is more than 100ppm, the lining of all reheating furnaces should not be made of soft fiber material, but the fiber amorphous material, prefabricated block or other heavy insulation material should be used.
● when the pressure of lining is greater than 0.8Mpa, no fiber lining can be used.
● no fibre lining should be used in convection section with soot blower, steam spray gun and water washing equipment.
Therefore, when the furnace lining of the furnace adopts the composite structure of ceramic fiber lining, the aluminum foil blanket is usually used in the insulation layer to improve the comprehensive performance of the anti-corrosion, energy saving and consumption reduction of the fiber lining.