Ceramic Fiber Cloth

- Dec 26, 2017-

Ceramic fiber cloth
Ceramic fiber cloth is divided into 2 kinds: crystal and amorphous
A, product use temperature 650 - 1000 centigrade
B, production of 500 - 2200mm

Amorphous fiber cloth

◆ covered with insulation materials, industrial furnace insulation, high temperature pipe and containers of heat insulation, heat radiation shielding;
◆ The door curtain, curtain, fire doors, fire protection, fire safety products cloth;
◆ The flexible pipe expansion joint, boiler dust filter material.

Crystalline fiber cloth

Application: Main sew pipe compensator. (pipe compensator: solving the displacement of the top and lower direction of the furnace top and the left and right direction, causing the failure of the lining of the top of the furnace).