Ceramic Fiber Blanket

- Dec 13, 2017-

Ceramic Fiber Blanket is composed of long flexible, interwoven fibers manufactured by the spun process yielding a strong, lightweight, durable product. Material of SUPER can be used for applications with temperatures from 1050° to 1450°. Blankets have high tensile strength for longer life and durability. Ceramic Fiber Blankets contain no binders and are completely inorganic.


Typical applications

Refining and Petrochemical

◆ Reformer and Pyrolysis Furnaces

◆ Tube Seals, Gaskets and Expansion Joints

◆ High Temperature Pipe, Duct and Turbine Insulation

◆ Crude Oil Heater Linings

Aluminium Silicate Fiber Blanket.gif