Categories and application of Ceramic fiber products

- Jan 08, 2018-

Categories and application of ceramic fiber products

Ceramic fiber is mainly classified into: ordinary aluminum silicate fiber, high aluminum silicate fiber, aluminum silicate fiber (Cr2O3, ZrO2 or B2O3), polycrystalline alumina fiber and polycrystalline mullite fiber, etc. In recent years, foreign countries has successfully developed or is developing some new types of ceramic fiber, such as: forsterite fiber, ceramic fiber (SiO2 - CaO - department of MgO style and Al2O3 - CaO department), etc. The shape of the ceramic fiber products mainly include: ceramic fiber cotton, felt, blanket, modules, paper, cloth, tape, rope, etc. 

Ceramic fiber blanket (fiber module): it often use the manufacturing process of self fluxing or melting and swing to made jilt silk long fiber, through stabbing by the double needle, making the fiber woven. It can used directly as the heat surface flame, gathering fire-resistant, heat insulation, heat preservation into an organic whole. It can be used for a long time in neutral, oxidizing and reducing atmosphere, still maintaining good strength and toughness. The fiber carpet fiber module made by this way contains no binder, has good thermal stability, widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power and other heat preservation and heat resisting field. 

Ceramic fiber board: it is made from the ceramic fiber and binder, additives, after pulping, molding, curing and drying process. Ceramic fiber board has good flexibility, easy cutting, high strength, is a kind of low thermal conductivity and low heat storage of the new energy-saving environmental protection products. It is widely used in the walls and roofs backing of various types of heating equipment, belonging to heavy refractory materials. 

Ceramic fiber cloth, belt: it is mainly used in fire doors, heat insulation of industrial furnace and heat insulation of pipes and containers. 

Ceramic fiber rope: it is mainly used in the expansion joints of various industrial kilns, the winding insulation of high temperature pipe, heat insulation of the connection of steel structure, etc.