Body Soluble Ceramic Fiber Board

- Mar 06, 2018-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: body soluble

  • Typical Size: 900 X 600 X 25/50mm

  • Density: 280-400 Kg/M3

  • Compressive Strength: > 0.1 MPa

  • Trademark: NR

  • Shape: Bio Soluble Fiber Board

  • Solubility: > 200 G/L

  • Thermal Conductivity: < 0.153 W/M.K (500c)

  • Shinkage on Heating 1000c X24hr: < -4

  • HS Code: 68061010

Product Description

NRBIO300 is a uniformly bonded combination of NON-RCF alkaline earth silicate fiber insulation board. Exhibiting superior machineabilty - many detailed custom shapes can be made from it. NRBIO300 is suitable for use as a substitute for insulation containing refractory ceramic fiber materials in applications with temperatures to 1260°C (2300°F).

Soluble fiber boards are designed for applications which require high strength and rigidity with high temperature and excellent insulation properties.

Temperature: Up to +1260°C.
Key features: Security and environmental protection;
                                 Low thermal conductivity;
                                 Low shot content;
                                 Resistance to the corrosion of molten aluminum;
                                 Low loss of heating storage;
                                 Good capacity of thermal shock resistance.
Applications: Kiln linings, furnace linings, gaskets & seals, fire protection, glass tank insulation, expansion joints, hot gas duct linings, refractory backup insulation.