Bio-Soluble Fiber Blanket

- Feb 26, 2018-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: FCF-BSRCF001

  • Material: Soluble Fiber

  • Specification: CE, SGS, UKS

  • Shape: Ceramic Fiber Blanket

  • Trademark: Favorite Refractory

  • Origin: Shandong

Bio-soluble Fiber Blanket

Classification Temperature 1260C 1260C
Working Temperature 1000C 1000C
Density (KG/M3) 96 128
Chemical SIO2 55-65% 55-65%
CAO 23-35% 23-35%
MGO 5-10% 5-10%
Color white white
Tensile strength (MPA) 0.04 0.05
Fiber Diameter (╬╝m) 3.5 3.5
Shot Content (%) 12 12
Linear Shrinkage after heating (%) 1000 x 24h 2.5%MAX. 1000 x 24h 2.5 % MAX.
"Thermal Conductivity
(W/m. K)" 200C 0.065 0.048
400C 0.098 0.087
600C 0.153 0.135
SIZE: "7200 X 610 X 25MM
7320 X 610 X 25MM
3660 X 610 X 50MM
Or as your requirements"
PACKING: "Option:
1) By Carton
2) By Woven Bag"
Description Favorite Bio-soluble Fiber Blanket is a body soluble fiber that utilizing a unique spinning technology and mechanical properties. There special fibers are made from a blend of Calcium, Silica and Magnesium which give fiber the ability to support continuous applications under high temperature conditions. It is flexible and competent in treating with the refractory linings, thermal insulation and metals transfer. It has been proven superior and eco-friendly to traditional refractory ceramic ceramic fibers.

Features "Low thermal conductivity
Low heat storage
High tensile strength
Thermal shock resistance
Light weight"

Application" Application "Back-up insulation for dense refractory
Annealing furnace linings
Stress relieving blanket
Heat treatment furnace linings
Crude heater linings"

Petrochemical Industry Cracking Furnace, Reformer Furnace, Decompression Furnace

Metallurgical Industrial Blast Furnace, Walling Beam Furnace, Bell Type Furnace

Aluminum Industry Anode Baking Furnace, Homogenizing Furnace, Bake Furnace

Cement Production Rotary Kiln Furnace, Preheater Kiln, Transition Zone

Power Generation Power Piping and Ductwork, Heat Recovery Steam Generator