Bio-Soluble Ceramic Fiber Blanket

- Jul 11, 2018-

Bio soluble ceramic fiber blanket

  • Temprature Classification: 1050℃, 1260℃

  • Shape: Bio Soluble Ceramic Fiber Blanket

  • Kind: Bio Soluble

  • Volume Density: 96,128,160

High Quality Fire Resistance Bio-soluble Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Bio soluble ceramic fiber blanket is made from spun fiber which chemical composition mostly are MgO,CaO,  As a new high-tech fiber blanket which excellent characteristic is no harmful to human beings and Eco- friendly.  Aluminium free and can be biological decompostion in a short period time. There is no uncomfortable feeling when using .  Working temperature is up to 1100c. 

Product characteristics

 Low thermal conductivity
 Excellent thermal stability
 Excellent tensile strength
 Excellent thermal insulation, fire-proof and sound absorption
 Aluminium free 
 No harmful to human body 
 Softness more cause of Mgo and Cao in blanket