Bio-Soluble Ceramic Fiber Blanket

- Feb 26, 2018-


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Origin:Beijing, China


Product Description

    Bio-Soluble ceramic fiber Blanket

Bio-soluble Ceramic fiber blanket strip
Bio-soluble ceramic fiber blanket is high temperature products composed by undirectional bi-soluble fibers, processed by needle, heat up and make shape into blanket-shape.
Standard specification: Thickness: 13-50mm
Width: 610/1220mm
Density: 96 kg/m3, 128 kg/m3
The bio-soluble ceramic fiber blanket with aluminum faced is available upon customers' requirement.
Character: New type, low-carbon, energy-saving; Environmental protection, no pollution, no carcinogenic material was included.
Good thermal stability, unaffected by thermal shock.
Block infra-red radiation, good corrosion resistance.
Good fiber flexibility
Biogradable, industrial wastes do not have to deal with.
Application: Thermal insulation for all kinds of industrial furnaces.
Thermal insulation for power plant heat transport equipment.
Thermal insulation, sealing for high temperature equipment.
Refractory, thermal insulation, sound absorbing, fireproof in the building area.