Application range of refractory fiber cloth

- Apr 10, 2018-

Application range of refractory fiber cloth

All kinds of kiln, high temperature pipe and container heat insulation; furnace door, valve, flange seal, fire door and fire curtain material, high temperature door curtain curtain; engine and instrument insulation, fireproof cable covering material, high temperature fireproof material; heat insulation cover cloth, high temperature expansion seam filling material, flue lining lining; high temperature resistant labor protection production Products, fireproof clothing, high temperature filtration, sound absorption and other application fields.

●  the continuous use temperature can reach 1000 degrees, and the short time use temperature can reach 1260 degrees.

●  it has good corrosion resistance to acid and alkali and corrosion resistance of aluminum and zinc.

●  good high temperature strength and thermal insulation performance (see physical and chemical indicators). ●  having higher electrical insulation and high temperature electrical insulation than glass fiber. 5) nontoxic, harmless, odorless.