Application of ceramic fiber blanket

- Nov 09, 2018-

The ceramic fiber has the following applications:

1 All kinds of industry furnaces;

2 Furnace for repairing;

3 Linings of kiln, furnace, reformer furnace and boiler;

4 Lining and seals of furnace door;

5 Higher temperature insulation for kiln and furnace;

6 Higher temperature insulation gaskets;

7 Steam generator lining;

8 Nuclear insulation application;

9 Investment casting mold wrapping;

10 Insulation and seals for kiln car;

11 Annealing furnaces and heat treatment;

12 Re-heating furnace and ladle cover;

13 Lining of reformer and pyrolysis furnaces;

14 Pipeline seals, gaskets;

15 Insulation for high temperature pipeline, duct and turbine;

16 Linings of crude oil heater;

17 Commercial dryers and ovens insulation.