Application of aluminum silicate fiber

- Jan 19, 2018-

Application of aluminum silicate fiber

◆ Door sealing and front curtain of various thermal insulation industrial furnace;

◆ High temperature flue, air hose bush and inflated joint;

◆ Petroleum chemical industry equipment, containers, pipes heat insulation and preservation;

◆ Protective clothing, gloves, caps, helmet, boots used in high temperature places;

◆ Heat shield of automobile engine, Oil engine exhaust pipe parcel, composite brake pad of high-speed racing car;

◆ Pump and compressor transmitting high temperature fluid and gas, valve packing and gasket;

◆ Fireproof doors, fireproof curtain, fire blanket, insulation covering and other fire protection products;

◆ Heat insulation, thermal insulation material and brake pad applied to aerospace industry;

◆ Fire prevention insulation layer or automatic fire curtain in some important places in high-grade office buildings such as archives, coffers, safe case, etc.