Application of Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber board

- Jan 24, 2018-

Applications of Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber board

◆  Iron and steel industry: expansion gap, heat filter and molded insulation;

◆  Nonferrous industry: backing insulation materials, tundish and capping which is used for pouring copper    

     and copper alloy;

◆  Ceramic industry: light kiln car structure and hot surface lining, distinguish kiln temperature;

◆  Glass industry: molten pool lining insulation;

◆  Kiln construction industry: hot surface refractory materials (substitution of fiber blanket), expansion gap of

     heavy refractory materials;

◆  Light industry: inner of industrial and residential boiler combustor;

◆  Petrochemical industry: thermal surface material of heating furnace;

◆  Architectural material industry: insulation of rotary cement kiln.