Application and installation of The Ceramic Fiber Module

- Nov 16, 2018-

The folded ceramic fiber module is used in a wide field such as industrial heaters, boilers, incinerators, ducts, flues, etc. 

The correct installation of the ceramic fiber module as below:

1-Remove steel rust from furnace wall;

2-Draw lines on steel plate of furnace wall according to size of ceramic fiber module;

3-To weld the ceramic fiber module bolt on the furnace wall;

4-To pave the flat on the furnace wall;

5-To screw the guide rod through the center hole of the module to the small head of the bolt;

6-To press the ceramic fiber module to the furnace plate;

7-To use special wrench to screw the nut onto the bolt;

8-To remove the guide rod;

9-To install the other modules step by step;

10-To take out the center plastic tube form module;