Application advantages of rock wool sandwich board in building

- Mar 15, 2018-

Application advantages of rock wool sandwich board in building

●  good rigidity: because wool core material and two layers of steel plates bonded into a whole, work together, in addition to the roof panel on the surface wave pressure, the overall stiffness is far better than the pressure plate clamp (rockwool glass cotton field composite board). Sandwich plate by a connecting piece and purlin fixed, greatly improves the rigidity of the whole roof, the roof to strengthen the overall performance. The rock wool sandwich panel, with large purlin spacing, thus saving the dosage of 1/3~2/3 purlin.
●  the way of connection is reasonable: the roof panel of rock wool house adopts the connection mode of buckle connection, which avoids the hidden danger of water leakage and saves the amount of accessories.
●  firmly fixed method is reasonable: rock wool roof panels using a special M6 self tapping screws fixed and purlin, can effectively resist the external force of typhoon. The self tapping screws are set on the peak position of the surface of the roof panel, and the special waterproof structure is used to avoid the weakness of the waterproof thin.
●  short installation period: rock wool sandwich board, because the site without the two processing, not only can keep the environment clean, does not affect the other process normally, can greatly shorten the installation period and the board, rock wool sandwich panels on average installed area of 600~800 square meters.
●  anti scratch protection: when the rock wool sandwich panel is produced, the polyethylene dry adhesive protection film can be pasted on the surface, so as to avoid scratching or abrasion on the surface coating of the steel plate during transportation and installation.