Aluminum silicate refractory fiber paper

- Feb 07, 2018-

Aluminum silicate refractory fiber paper
Its color is white, its texture is flexible, its evenness is good, its machinability is excellent. It has good fire and heat insulation effect. The product is free from asbestos and is ideal material for sealing and heat insulation. The products are applied to industrial insulation, sealing, anticorrosive materials, electric heating equipment insulation, thermal insulation materials, insulation and thermal insulation materials for instruments and electric heating elements, automotive industry insulation materials.

Product performance: the low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal stability, smooth surface, uniform thickness and excellent chemical stability of the soft, tear, excellent mechanical properties, excellent electrical insulation and sound insulation properties, excellent thermal shock resistance

According to the chemical composition, it can be divided into standard type refractory fiber paper, high purity refractory fiber paper, high alumina refractory fiber paper, and zirconium type refractory fiber paper.

Application: industrial furnace furnace, heating device wall lining, kiln furnace masonry expansion joint resistance heat, heat storage kiln masonry, furnace door, top cover seal.