Aluminum silicate needle blanket

- Feb 27, 2018-

Aluminum silicate needle blanket is a kind of thermal insulation refractory material which is made of aluminum silicate with resistance furnace and special aluminum silicate long fiber. Characteristics, good extensibility, strong earthquake resistance and so on. The advantages, white color, size regulation, etc. are used in the thermal insulation of aerospace, iron and steel, petrochemical and electric power, and the military equipment is fire-resistant and adiabatic.

According to the different production process, Aluminum silicate needle blanket can be divided into shredding needle blanket and needle punched blanket.

According to different raw materials and formulations´╝îAluminum silicate needle blanket can be divided into: ordinary type (STD), high purity (HP), (HA), high aluminum zirconium aluminum type, standard type, with zirconia type (ZA).