Aluminum silicate board structure

- Feb 28, 2018-

Aluminum silicate board structure


The aluminum silicate board is melted by the selected high-quality jewel, which is over 2000 degrees above the electric furnace. It is made by mechanical injection of fiber and evenly added special adhesive, oil repellent and hydrophobic agent are heated and solidified. Mainly used in electric power industry, electric power boiler, steam turbine and thermal power, shipbuilding, construction, fire insulation fire doors fire insulation, chemical industrial high temperature and heating equipment of the wall lining, car and train manufacturing, fire prevention, heat insulation, furnace lining, door, roof cover.


The architecture is mainly composed of: aluminum silicate adhesive layer, insulating layer, surface layer, decorative layer and accessories.


The adhesive layer is attributed to the building, which is between the bottom layer and the surface layer. First, the upper and lower two layers are firmly bonded with cementitious material, and the filler is mainly derived from inorganic matter.


In order to avoid and reduce turbine's heat loss to the environment, the insulation layer is mainly composed of coke and fiber, and a certain amount of organic matter, moisture and adhesives.


The decorative layer should be decorated with mortar, decorated with mortar and other lightweight functional coatings or excellent waterborne exterior wall coatings, so that the aluminum silicate board maintains its lightweight characteristics, and also increases its beauty.


Accessories mainly choose various coatings, on the one hand, increase the surface color of aluminum silicate board, so that it can be applied to any environment, and paint can to a certain extent its role in flame retardant and thermal insulation.