Aluminium Silicate Ceramic Fiber Module

- Mar 21, 2018-

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Product Description

  • Trademark: SHANDONG LIYOUN

  • Origin: Zibo Shandong

Aluminium Silicate ceramic fiber module
Item No.: 2288464816
Product Name: Aluminium Silicate ceramic fiber module
Specification: 1260
Product Note:
Product Category: Aluminium Silicate ceramic fiber module

Product Description
Classification Temperature(CENTIGRADE)
Ordinary type 1100
Standard type 1260
High purity type 1260
High Aluminium type 1360
Zirconium type 1430

Production process
Various ceramic fiber modules were molded by chunking processing special equipment adopting corresponding good fiber blankets according to fiber module structure, size. To ensure that form seamless close whole heat preservation between mutual after the completion of the block built, keeping quantitive amount of compression during manufacturing operation, products supporting anchor system with kiln shell firm can be connected, size precised and easy installation. And quickened the speed of brasque construction, lightened the weight of furnace, improved kiln refractory adiabatic performance. Users can according to kiln structure use different fiber block, the company can provide many varieties, many systems fiber chunking, can also according to customer request processing production.

Technology Features
Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity
Good heat stability, thermal shock resistance
Good function of scouring resistance to heat, high strength of machinery. Elastic fine
Easy installation, rapid, anchor pieces inside outfit, good safety performance

Mainly serve for heating furnace of metallurgy and steel, ladle cover heat treatment furnace, annealing furnace, bell-type furnace
Ceramic spindle type kiln, water chestnut kiln, tunnel kiln etc, various kinds of porcelain kiln, the kiln car and wicket
Petrochemical cracking furnace, transformation furnace, often reduced pressure furnace, coking furnace, the flue
Other industrial furnaces, such as the equal-heating stove, crucible furnace, resistance furnace of high temperature etc thermal technology equipment.