Advantages of Ceramic fibre muffle furnace

- Mar 12, 2018-

Advantages of Ceramic fibre muffle furnace:

● The design of the furnace body and the intelligent controller is beautiful and generous, and the door is designed by the side door.
●  By using two side lined heating elements, it is easy to replace furnace wire, and imported ultra-high temperature heating body has excellent oxidation resistance, which greatly increases the service life.
●  The use of ceramic fiber insulation, greatly improves the heating rate, and reduce the energy consumption, compared with the traditional muffle furnace to reduce the weight of the 1/2, the heating rate increased 1 times, save energy, improve the life of 3.5 times; good insulation effect, the appearance of low temperature furnace
● Adopt imported temperature control instrument, new digital display, digital setting temperature and intelligent control output, which can reduce the error of visual reading and human operation, and greatly improve work efficiency.
● A variety of protective devices have been set up to improve safety and reliability
Independent control system, convenient maintenance and replacement
● The exhaust holes are opened on the furnace body (additional gas protection and exhaust air can be added in accordance with the requirements of the user)
All kinds of non standard tube furnace, well type furnace and box type furnace can be made according to the needs of the user.