Advantages of ceramic fiber

- Jul 04, 2018-

Advantages of ceramic fiber

●  Ceramic fibers are resistant to high temperatures: the long-term usage temperature can reach 850 degrees Celsius, and the composite process installation with ceramic fiber products can reach 1300 degrees Celsius.

●  Long service life: it can be used as adiabatic permanent layer for 5-10 years.

●  Economic energy saving: energy saving 10-30% than conventional material.

●  Environmental friendly non-toxic: in the fire and high temperature does not release any toxic substances, does not contain asbestos (full series), polybrominated biphenyl (flame retardant).

●  Good chemical stability: long term tolerance to most of the acid and alkali environment except hydrofluoric acid and strong alkali. It can not be decomposed without deterioration, and can tolerate all kinds of heat radiation (ultraviolet light, infrared light, visible light) and electromagnetic radiation for a long time, and the performance is not degenerate. 

●  Sound insulation and shock absorption: this material is a fibrous material, it is an excellent sound insulation and damping material, and the sound speed will drop to 1/3 of the air in this material.

●  Excellent insulation performance: the thermal conductivity at room temperature (25 C) is 0.015w/m? K, and the thermal conductivity at 0.030w/m.k is 0.030w/m.k. Compared with the commonly used thermal insulation materials, the adiabatic effect of the material can be increased by 2 to 10 times. The thickness of the adiabatic layer can be reduced by 30% - 50%.