1260 Customized Ceramic Fiber Shape

- Mar 06, 2018-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: 2016031804

  • Temprature Classification: 1600℃, 1500℃, 1400℃, 1260℃, 1050℃

  • Shape: Cermic Fiber Voccum Shape

  • Kind: High Purity Ceramic Fiber

  • Usage: Thermal Insulation Coatings, High Temperature Insulating Material

  • Chemical Composition:: SiO2, Al2O3.SiO2, Al2O3

  • Manufacturing Technique: as Drawing′s Shaped

  • Customized Shape Accepted: Drawings Welcomed

GP  Special-shaped refractory ceramic fiber tube is made from high quality ceramic fiber bulk as raw material, through vacuum forming process. This product is developed into unshaped product with both superior high-temperature rigidity and self-supporting strength. We produce this GP Special-shaped Vacuum Ceramic Fiber to fit for the demand for some specific industrial sector production processes, with dedicated molds to deliver each product in various shapes and sizes. Depending on performance requirements of the unshaped products, different binders and additives are used in production process. All unshaped products are subject to relatively low shrinkage in their temperature ranges, and maintain a high thermal insulation, lightweight and shock resistance. The non-burnt material can easily be cut or machined. During use, this product shows excellent resistance to abrasion and stripping, and can not be wetted by most molten metals.

Our factory can manufacture vacuum formed unshaped products in a variety of sizes and shapes, including tubular, conical, dome-shaped and box-shaped, most of which can be customized according to the customer's design and requirements, while some unshaped products will kept in stock for customers, such as casting cap and casing pipe for non-ferrous metal industry, as well as vacuum formed kiln eye for petrochemical industry.
1) Excellent chemical stability;
2) Excellent thermal stability;
3) Excellent tensile strength;
4) Low thermal conductivity;
5) Low heat capacity;
6) Excellent insulation properties;
7) Good sound absorption
8) Accurate size
9) Advanced product technology

Typical Application:
1) Industrial kilns observation hole, thermometer hole;
2) Industrial furnace burner brick;
3) Industrial furnace door;
4) Sump and launder for aluminum products industry;
5) Heat insulation for thermal radiation in civil and industrial heating device

TypesOrdinary Unshaped Ceramic FiberStandard Unshaped Ceramic Fiber 
Unshaped Ceramic Fiber
Unshaped Ceramic Fiber
Zirconia Unshaped Ceramic Fiber
Permanent Change on Heating
Theoretic Heat Conductive Co-efficient
Chemical CompositionAl2O3 (%)374647-4952-5539-40
Al2O3+SiO2 (%)96979999-
ZrO2 (%)
Al2O3+SiO2+ZrO2 (%)
Fe2O3 (%)≤1.0≤
Na2O+K2O (%)≤0.8≤
Manufactured based on drawing provided by costumer
PackingCarton or Wooded Box