Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed Shape

Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed Shape

Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed Shapes with excellent resistance to com pressure and rupture, High accuracy of dimension, Heat and cool fast, widely used on Hot-surface lining of industrial thermal equipments, Insulation pipes, Electric element supporter...

Product Details

Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed Shape
Shapes with excellent resistance to high pressure with high accuracy of dimension, fast heating and cooling, Formet shapes are widely used on hot-surface lining of industrial heating furnace.

Typical Application
◆  Burner and door of industry furnace
◆  Riser sleeves for ferrous and nonferrous melten metals
◆  Furnace sight holes, duct and flue linings
◆  Heat element support
◆  Hot tops, roller insulation, gasket, hot gas filtering

Product Parameters


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