HZ Grade Ceramic Fiber Module

HZ Grade Ceramic Fiber Module

SUPER provides HP Ceramic Fiber modules for customer from all over the world. SUPER's HP Ceramic Fiber Module can provide durable service and lifespan.

Product Details

HZ Grade Ceramic Fiber Module

SUPER HZ grade 2600°F ceramic fiber module that combines the insulationg advantages and excellent features of ceramic fiber. It can be used in many applications. Welcome to reach out to us for quotation.


 Fast and easy installation
 Very light lining, less steel required
 Several anchor systems
 Excellent thermal shock resistance
 Provide durable service and lifespan


 Low mass kiln cars
 Door linings
 Heat treatment furnaces
 Ladle pre-heaters and covers
 Heat treatment furnace
 Soaking pit covers and seals
 Heaters and reformer lining
 Incineration equipment
 Burner blocks
 Induction furnace covers



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