2600F Ceramic Fiber Blanket

2600F Ceramic Fiber Blanket

1450 ℃ Ceramic Fiber Blanket Shandong Guangming SUPER Refractory Fiber Co., Ltd. produces all kinds of ceramic fiber blankets (including 1450 ceramic fiber blankets) and ceramic fiber blanket production line.

Product Details

2600F Ceramic Fiber Blanket 

Beijing SUPER International produces all kinds of ceramic fiber blankets (2600F ceramic fiber blankets included) and complete set of ceramic fiber blanket equipment. We've been a trustworthy supplier for Sinopec Group and CNPC(China National Petroleum Corporation) for many years.we are looking for distributors all over the world and we will provide you with very competitive price.Please reach out to us for more information.


◆ Needled blanket


◆ Low density and low thermal conductivity

 Shorter heat up and cool down time