10Lbs/cuft Density Refractory Fiber Blanket

10Lbs/cuft Density Refractory Fiber Blanket

SUPER, as a professional ceramic fiber producer in China, manufacture high quality refractory fiber blanket, board, module ...

Product Details

10Lbs/cuft Density Refractory Fiber Blanket
SUPER has been a professional ceramic fiber product manufacturer locaed in China for many years, we produce high quality 10Lbs/cuft Density Refractory Fiber Blanket, boards, blankets and etc.

Typical Applications
 Noncombustible materials for building-High temperature part sound absorbing material.
 Petrochemical-High temperature gas filtration material,
 Refining industry furnace lining and furnace repairs.
 Power boiler and boiler doors insulation
  Ceramic Kiln car insulation and seals
 Linings and seals for heat treating and annealing furnace
 Insulation of commercial dryers and ovens

Main Features:
 Excellent chemical stability
 Excellent heat stability
 Excellent pull resisting strength
 Low heat conductivity
 Low thermal capacity
 Excellent heat insulation performance


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